phillip chin

about chin

Phillip Chin is a creative who works for clients throughout Canada. His passion is working with analog and digital mediums. Phil's use of light, color, composition along with his easy going personality help create some interesting images.
Phillip has revived an 1850’s photographic process called Wet Plate Collodion photography (aka Tintype and Ambrotype photography). This historical practice captures an image directly onto a glass or metal plate using 150 years old formulas for one of a kind images. This hand crafted process offers a depth and beauty not found anywhere else. The slow and meticulous steps only permit a few images per session. He has developed this craft that connects both the photographer and subject for a compelling and genuine portrait.
Inspired by his late father Ben, Chin is working on a personal project called "one people one nation" Over the next few years, Phil will be photographing his wet plate collldion series of Canadians from young to old, rich to poor, to different social classes and ethnic backgrounds. He wants to show that deep down we are all the same and should treat each other with dignity and respect.
Along with this travelng project, phil will be teaching underprivileged youth about the wet plate process and give them an opportunity to try their hand at the craft. "There is something special when a young person feels empowered after they accomplish something they have never done before. It brings up their self worth and i believe in nurturing that in today's youth."
Vancouver (604) 874 2444,
ctv news clip "tintypes - going back to basics"