phillip chin


Monday May 2, 2016.
I got a surprise email monday morning that i was nominated in the best portrait photography category for the national magazine awards. No one told me the photo was entered into the awards competition.
The feature story was "The many faces of michael eklund and the many artist who help transform him"
This was so ironic because for months, i have been trying to coordinate a wet plate collodion photo shoot with michael. He was the lead actor for "eadweard" who was also a wet plate photographer so i wanted to capture him in wet plate.
Michael and i traveled so much that finding a day to shoot in the same city was almost impossible.
Then one day, i got an email from the editor of reel west magazine asking me if i wanted to shoot michael eklund for his role in "eadweard". We would be photographing him and his team who transformed his physical appearance into the eadweard muybridge‬ character.
I was laughing so hard when the editor asked me this.
It took a month later to get a shoot date in vancouver with all the parties involved.
At the end, it was a fun and rewarding shoot.